Update: AlleyTrak v3.2.0

Posted: May 3rd, 2019

Update: AlleyTrak v3.2.0

We’re excited to introduce Party Packages to AlleyTrak. Party Packages will provide great flexibility and customization in the offerings you can provide your customers. In general, we’ve found that most centers have multiple offerings and price formats for customers.

Common price formats include charging by the number of games, time spent (either by the number of lanes used or by the number of guests), or by a package based system.

The most obvious example of a party package offering is for birthday parties. In the Party Package manager, a system administrator can manage various party packages and configure what each party package includes.

While Party Packages have a few strictly defined elements, (like price and party duration) it also includes a text-box option for administrators to describe the details of a package. Things like the use of a party room, pizza and soda, shoe rentals and more can all be included as an offering for a party package.

AlleyTrak Features List

  • Multi-Location/Activity
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Reservation Blocks
  • Administrator Access Groups
  • Double Booking Prevention Tools
  • Real-Time Reservation Notifications
  • Incomplete Reservation Notifications
  • Data Export Capabilities
  • API Routines
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Daily Data and Site Backups
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Authorize.Net Payment Integration
  • PayPal Payment Integration
  • Square Payment Integration
  • Stripe Payment Integration
  • Optional Reservation Deposits
  • Concessions
  • Party Packages
  • Website Integration Capabilities
  • White Label Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Help Center
  • Front-End (customer) User Guide & Tips
  • Admin Panel Chat Support
  • Minimum/Maximum Guests per party
  • Minimum/Maximum Lane Reservation Durations
  • Customizable Guests per Lanes
  • Flexible Pricing Format: Per Lane/Per Guest
  • Internal Chat & Notification System
  • Location & Lane Definitions

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