Update: AlleyTrak v2.2.0
Posted on 2018-03-25

AlleyTrak is up with another major launch, version 2.2.0!

This new version includes an extensive set of updates to refine and enhance our application and database structure. While the bulk of these updates will go unseen to most users, they provide our development team with a more optimized application and database and provide greater flexibility for future development initiatives.

Reservation Block Updates

The most important change to version 2.2.0 is the fix of a bug that was impacting the reservation block system. The new update provides more stability and reliability in the reservation block plotting system and will prevent users from booking lanes during times when lanes are intended to be blocked/reserved.

Looking Forward

We are really excited for some of the new features we have slated for this year and can't wait to get them ready for application in the live environment.

One of the first items slated for development is a daily reservation notification email, which will provide administrators a quick look at the current reservations slated for a given location.

We want to thank our current users for their continued support and use of AlleyTrak. We are really proud to have helped our users reserve more than 70,000 reservations and we look forward to growing and booking more as time goes on.