Terms of Service

Subscription Information

  1. Signing up for an AlleyTrak Trial is for a limited 14 day period. After the trial has ended, the user will be required to sign up for an AlleyTrak subscription for continued use.
  2. When an account has failed to renew their subscription, administrators will be unable to add or make changes to reservations or application settings within the AlleyTrak admin panel. During this time, customers may still be able to make reservations.
  3. After 60 days of inactivity for an account or failed account subscription renewal, AlleyTrak reserves the right to remove account data.
  4. Should you cancel your subscription to AlleyTrak, your access to the software will expire at the end of the bill cycle.
  5. Requesting access to your reservation information after a subscription cancellation could result in additional fees.

Data Management

  1. Data stored over the internet is inherently vulnerable. Which is why AlleyTrak takes data security very seriously. AlleyTrak has partnered with, PayPal, Square, and Stripe to handle all payment processing and therefore any issues with payment processing or the storage of payment information are the responsibility of the chosen payment provider.
  2. AlleyTrak does not maintain or keep any payment processing information on customers.
  3. AlleyTrak does not maintain or keep any payment processing information for transactions processed on behalf of centers that use our system.
  4. AlleyTrak does not allow or permit account users of any type to view or edit customer payment method details.
  5. AlleyTrak will not share any data and or information with others unless required by law.
  6. Should a server or data failure occur, AlleyTrak will work swiftly to restore the most recent backup on file. AlleyTrak is not responsible for any lost data, or for inconveniences with an unavailable reservation system.

User Data Collection

  1. AlleyTrak requires that customers provide contact information when creating a reservation.
    1. Information collected includes:
      1. First name
      2. Last name
      3. Email address
      4. Phone number
    2. The above information is collected for the following purposes:
      1. Providing center staff the appropriate information to look-up and check-in reservations
      2. Sending email based order confirmation receipt
      3. Sending email based event reminder notifications
      4. Sending text based order confirmation notifications
    3. Center staff will have the ability to generate reports on customers which will include contact information and event details.
  2. AlleyTrak requires that subscription users provide contact information to create an account.
    1. Information collected includes:
      1. Business or organization name
      2. Contact first and last name
      3. Contact email address
      4. Contact phone number

Merchant Providers & Payment Gateways

  1. AlleyTrak supports four payment gateways for processing transactions securely online. The subscription center will have the ability to choose a prefered payment gateway and configure their AlleyTrak account to use the gateway of choice.
  2. Each payment gateway charges their own processing fees and is in no way related to the AlleyTrak subscription fee.
  3. Connecting a payment gateway requires providing AlleyTrak authentication credentials, commonly referred to as API keys. These credentials are created and maintained by the subscriber.

Third-party Services

AlleyTrak uses Google Analytics to provide insight on website and application activity and performance over time.


  1. Essential cookies
    1. AlleyTrak uses cookies in a limited capacity and for administrative purposes only. End users who engage with AlleyTrak to book a reservation will not need cookies to use the system.
  2. Performance cookies
    1. Users may have cookies created for analytics and user engagement tracking.
  3. Functional cookies
    1. AlleyTrak does not leverage functional cookies.
  4. Targeting/advertising cookies
    1. Alleytrak does not leverage targeting/advertising cookies.

User Generated Content

AlleyTrak offers several areas where subscription users have the ability to modify the content in these areas. This content is not regularly monitored by AlleyTrak and does not reflect the AlleyTrak brand or company policies.

Removal of User Generated Content

Should user generated content be deemed inappropriate for end-users, AlleyTrak staff members reserve the right to remove content without notice.