Check out the latest updates added to AlleyTrak. We are continually adding new features requested by centers to provide the best online reservation, booking and management system in the industry.

Update: AlleyTrak v5.99.0 — 2024-04-14

AlleyTrak version 5.99.0 Includes Customer Checkout Experience Enhancements and White-Label Enhancements. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.98.8 — 2024-04-07

AlleyTrak version 5.98.8 Includes User Experience Updates & Bug Fixes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.98.7 — 2024-03-31

AlleyTrak version 5.98.7 - Introduces a New Sales Tax Report and Enhancements to our Google Calendar Integration and our Daily Report Email Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.98.0 — 2024-03-24

AlleyTrak version 5.98.0 - Pre-Applied Promo/Discount Codes and More! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.97.0 — 2024-03-10

AlleyTrak version 5.97.0 - Enhancements to Double Booking Prevention Tools and New Calendar Date Picker Enhancements. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.96.0 — 2024-03-03

AlleyTrak version 5.96.0 Introduces Enhancements to Time Increments & the Lane Availability Checker. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.95.0 — 2024-02-25

AlleyTrak version 5.95.0 - Building a Foundation for Bundled Events (Part 2) Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.94.0 — 2024-02-18

AlleyTrak version 5.94.0 - Building a Foundation for Bundled Events (Part 1) Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.93.0 — 2024-02-04

AlleyTrak version 5.93.0 Introduces Enhancements to Drag & Drop, New Cancellation Limits and Definitions, and Bug Fixes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.92.0 — 2024-01-28

AlleyTrak version 5.92.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Customer Checkout Experience, New Shoe Rental Size Option, New Localization Definition for Canadian Residents, and More! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.91.0 — 2024-01-21

AlleyTrak version 5.91.0 Introduces Lane Selection Enhancements, Event Date Display Label Changes, and new Customization Options for Dashboard Statistics. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.90.0 — 2024-01-07

AlleyTrak version 5.90.0 Introduces Enhancements to Package Groups, Updates to Package Price Calculations, and new Custom Sales Tax Rate for Packages. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.89.0 — 2024-01-01

AlleyTrak version 5.89.0 Introduces a Customizable Booking Timeout Duration & Full-Width View for the Admin Panel. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.88.0 — 2023-12-17

AlleyTrak version 5.88.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Reservation Viewer. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.87.0 — 2023-12-10

AlleyTrak version 5.87.0 Introduces Enhancements to Administrative Report Emails and Pre-Payment Requests. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.86.0 — 2023-12-03

AlleyTrak version 5.86.0 Introduces New Conditional Logic for Booking Questions and Several Updates to the Customer Booking Workflow. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.84.0 — 2023-11-26

AlleyTrak version 5.84.0 Includes Customizable Convenience Fees for Packages. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.83.0 — 2023-11-19

AlleyTrak version 5.83.0 Includes Updates to our ActiveDemand Integration, and New Date Exclusions for Add-ons. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.82.0 — 2023-11-12

AlleyTrak version 5.82.0 Includes Customer Checkout Experience Enhancements. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.81.0 — 2023-11-05

AlleyTrak version 5.81.0 Includes Enhancements to the AlleyTrak Admin Panel and Customer Booking Workflow. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.80.0 — 2023-10-29

AlleyTrak version 5.80.0 Includes Updates the Calendar View, Customer and Admin Emails, and Assigned Users UI. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.79.0 — 2023-10-15

AlleyTrak version 5.79.0 Includes Updates to the Admin Panel UI/UX, Pre-Payment & Remaining Balance UI Updates, and Updates to Package Group Direct Links. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.78.0 — 2023-10-08

AlleyTrak version 5.78.0 a New Second Extended Reminder Email and Additional Data-Points for Reporting. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.77.0 — 2023-09-17

AlleyTrak version 5.77.0 Introduces Integrations for TouchDesk and ActiveDemand, a New Lane Usage Report, New Enforce Lane Dividers Setting, and Several Enhancements to Packages! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.76.0 — 2023-09-04

AlleyTrak version 5.76.0 Introduces New Change Alert Notifications, Enhancements to Assigned Users and a New Override for Packages. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.75.0 — 2023-08-20

AlleyTrak version 5.75.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Customer Checkout Experience, Staff Assignments, Package Groups, and New Fixed Lane Requirements for Packages. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.74.0 — 2023-08-13

AlleyTrak version 5.74.0 Introduces New Drag-and-Drop Capabilities, Per-Game Pricing for Packages, and Grid Guide Enhancements. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.73.0 — 2023-08-06

AlleyTrak version 5.73.0 Introduces Enhancements to the AlleyTrak Admin Panel and Several Bug Fixes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.72.0 — 2023-07-30

AlleyTrak version 5.72.0 Introduces New Package Pricing Options and Admin Panel Enhancements! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.71.0 — 2023-07-23

AlleyTrak version 5.71.0 Introduces Calendar View Enhancements, Staff Assignment Enhancements, Kiosk Mode and a New Confirm Without Payment Button Definition! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.70.0 — 2023-07-16

AlleyTrak version 5.70.0 Introduces Kiosk Mode and Enhancements to Add-on Lanes! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.69.0 — 2023-07-09

AlleyTrak version 5.69.0 Introduces Enhancements to Package Add-ons, Reservation Report Dashboard, Report Emails, and more! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.68.0 — 2023-06-18

AlleyTrak version 5.68.0 Introduces Enhancements to Customer Checkout Experience and Staff Assignments to Events. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.67.0 — 2023-06-04

AlleyTrak version 5.67.0 Introduces Enhancements to Contract Links and Customer Look-ahead Searching. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.66.0 — 2023-05-21

AlleyTrak version 5.66.0 Introduces Prepayment Requests and Contract/Waiver Links. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.65.0 — 2023-05-14

AlleyTrak version 5.65.0 Introduces Enhancements to Managing Custom Hours. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.64.0 — 2023-05-07

AlleyTrak version 5.64.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Customer Checkout Experience. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.63.0 — 2023-04-23

AlleyTrak version 5.63.0 Introduces Customer Detail Management, and Updates to our Google Calendar Integration. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.62.0 — 2023-04-16

AlleyTrak version 5.62.0 Introduces New Google Analytics Reporting, New “Outstanding Payments” Reporting, New Customer Look-ahead Feature, and Revamped Customer Reporting Dashboard. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.61.0 — 2023-04-09

AlleyTrak version 5.61.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Reservation Dashboard, New Coupon/Discount Code Management, Improved Package Dynamic Price Management, and Tax Exempt Options for Packages. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.60.0 — 2023-03-26

AlleyTrak version 5.60.0 Introduces new Filters within the Transaction Dashboard. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.59.0 — 2023-03-19

AlleyTrak version 5.59.0 Introduces Text Message Notifications for Admins, and Additions to the Transactions Reporting Dashboard. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.58.0 — 2023-03-12

AlleyTrak version 5.58.0 Introduces New Reservation Block Configuration Options, Booking Question Enhancements, Improvements to the Customer Checkout Experience, New Administrator Exporting Options, and Several Bug Fixes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.57.0 — 2023-03-05

AlleyTrak version 5.57.0 Introduces Enhancements to our Mailchimp Integration, Enhancements to Custom Hours, New “Open Play” Definition setting, New Admin “Cut-off Time” Setting, and Promo Code Management Capabilities. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.56.0 — 2023-02-26

AlleyTrak version 5.56.0 Introduces Enhancements to Promo/Discount Codes, Business Day Booking Requirements, and Enhancements to the Customer Checkout Experience. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.55.0 — 2023-02-19

AlleyTrak version 5.55.0 Introduces Shift-Click Lane Selection, Optional Pay-in-Full, Admin Minimum Duration Overrides, and Order Add-on User Experience Enhancements. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.54.0 — 2023-02-12

AlleyTrak version 5.54.0 Introduces the CardConnect Payment Gateway, New Features for Booking Questions, Package Price Scaling Controls, and Enhancements to User Experience and User Interface. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.53.0 — 2023-02-05

AlleyTrak version 5.53.0 Introduces Lane Assignments Based on Event Type, Per-Lane Convenience Fees, a New Booking Questions Reporting Dashboard, and In-App Refunds for Authorize.Net. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.52.0 — 2023-01-29

AlleyTrak version 5.52.0 Introduces Right-to-Left Lane Assignments, Square Refunds, New Equipment Rental Logic, Customer User Experience Enhancements, and other Administrative Updates. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.51.0 — 2023-01-22

AlleyTrak version 5.51.0 Introduces In-App Refunds, Full-Screen Grid-View, Addons Purchase Date Requirements, Enhancements to Lists/Reporting Views, and a New Transactions Dashboard. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.50.0 — 2023-01-15

AlleyTrak version 5.50.0 Introduces Remaining Balance Payment Options, Enhancements to Billing Management, and Printing Functionality. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.49.0 — 2023-01-08

AlleyTrak version 5.49.0 Introduces a Reservation Qubica Import Tool, Enhancements to Customer Notifications, QR Codes, Reporting Enhancements, and more! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.48.0 — 2023-01-01

AlleyTrak version 5.48.0 Introduces New Deposit Pricing Formats and Improvements to Order & Transaction Reporting . Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.47.0 — 2022-12-11

AlleyTrak version 5.47.0 Introduces Enhancements to Package Direct Links, Reporting Tools, and other Administrative Functionality. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.46.0 — 2022-12-04

AlleyTrak version 5.46.0 Introduces Package Pricing Enhancements, and Package Group by Lanes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.45.0 — 2022-11-27

AlleyTrak version 5.45.0 Introduces Guest Per Lane Modifiers for Packages, and Enhancements to Order Editing. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.44.0 — 2022-11-20

AlleyTrak version 5.44.0 Introduces Enhancements to Package Groups and Transaction Reporting. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.43.0 — 2022-11-13

AlleyTrak version 5.43.0 Introduces Administrative UI Enhancements, Calendar View Toggles, and Payment Gateway Credential Management Changes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.42.0 — 2022-11-06

AlleyTrak version 5.42.0 Introduces Dynamic Price Date Ranges, Suggested Tips, Order Notes Enhancements, Extended Event Reminders, Drop-downs for Booking Questions, and Admin Panel UI Enhancements. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.41.0 — 2022-10-30

AlleyTrak version 5.41.0 Introduces Add-on Purchase Limits, an Additional Event Default Duration Setting, Additional Event Verification, Enhancements to the Dashboard Calendar View, and more!  Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.40.0 — 2022-10-16

AlleyTrak version 5.40.0 Introduces Enhancements to Open Play Hours, Reservation Hours, Center Hours, and Custom Hours. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.39.0 — 2022-10-09

AlleyTrak version 5.39.0 Introduces Availability by Time Indicators and Reporting Enhancements. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.38.0 — 2022-10-02

AlleyTrak version 5.38.0 Introduces Enhancements to the customer checkout experience. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.37.0 — 2022-09-25

AlleyTrak version 5.37.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Square Payment Gateway, and adds Reservation Dashboard Hovers, Lane Pairings, Custom Cancellation Notification Recipients, and Limited Package Bookings via Direct Access. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.36.0 — 2022-09-11

AlleyTrak version 5.36.0 Introduces Enhancements to Custom Reporting, Age Booking Requirements, and the Reservation Dashboard. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.35.0 — 2022-09-04

Booking Questions is an exciting new way to customize the booking experience for your customers. With Booking Questions you can define any number of questions for your customers to answer as part of the booking process. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.34.0 — 2022-07-31

AlleyTrak version 5.34.0 Introduces Open Play Availability Customizations, Open Play Exclusions. Enhanced Hours Management, New Order Rounding Enhancements, Price Per Guest Display Options, Conditional Age Requirements, and new support for GA4. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.33.0 — 2022-07-24

AlleyTrak version 5.33.0 Introduces Customer Blacklisting, Enhancements for Reporting, Bookings Rules, and Enhanced Address Verification. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.32.0 — 2022-07-03

AlleyTrak version 5.32.0 Introduces Enhancements to Dynamic Pricing Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.31.0 — 2022-06-19

AlleyTrak version 5.31.0 Introduces Enhancements to Package Selections. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.30.0 — 2022-05-29

AlleyTrak version 5.30.0 Introduces Package Event Start Time Customizations. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.29.0 — 2022-05-15

AlleyTrak version 5.29.0 Introduces Package Dynamic Pricing. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.28.0 — 2022-04-24

AlleyTrak version 5.28.0 Introduces Concurrent Event Limiting and Much More! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.26.0 — 2022-03-27

AlleyTrak version 5.26.0 introduces Granular Sales Tax Calculations and Package Equipment Rental Price Overrides. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.25.5 — 2022-03-20

AlleyTrak version 5.25.5 introduces Package Only for Administrators and a rich text editor for package descriptions. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.25.0 — 2022-03-13

AlleyTrak version 5.25 includes improvements to the AlleyTrak Reservation APIs. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.24.0 — 2022-03-06

AlleyTrak version 5.24 introduces custom Package Payment Policies and Form View Add-on Lanes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.23.0 — 2022-02-27

AlleyTrak version 5.23 introduces two new settings for Packages. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.21.0 — 2022-01-23

AlleyTrak version 5.21 introduces Custom Lane Numbering, Package Future Booking Controls, Direct Links to Packages, and Same Day Reservation Cut-off Times. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.20.0 — 2022-01-02

AlleyTrak version 5.20 introduces a new Transactions API Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.19.0 — 2021-12-19

AlleyTrak version 5.19 introduces new a new pricing model for Packages. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.18.0 — 2021-12-05

AlleyTrak version 5.18 introduces new functionality to Reservation Blocks. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.16.0 — 2021-11-07

AlleyTrak version 5.16 introduces Age Requirement options and Promo Code enhancements. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.15.0 — 2021-10-31

New to AlleyTrak is a Mailchimp integration that aims to simplify your efforts with customer re-engagement. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.11.0 — 2021-10-17

New to Reservation Blocks is Block Exclusions. Block Exclusions will allow you to more easily manage Reservation Blocks that repeat over a period of time, typically weeks. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.9.0 — 2021-08-15

AlleyTrak version 5.9 introduces event duration based discounts. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.8.0 — 2021-07-25

AlleyTrak version 5.8 introduces SMS (text message) notifications Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.7.0 — 2021-07-18

AlleyTrak version 5.7 introduces improvements to the customer checkout flow regarding Terms & Conditions. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.6.0 — 2021-07-11

AlleyTrak version 5.6 introduces SMS (text message) notifications. Adding SMS notifications will allow your customers to quickly receive updates on their order. Research indicates that SMS messaging has a significantly higher open rate and response time over traditional emails notifications. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v5.0.0 — 2021-04-18

AlleyTrak version 5 is our next major release with a head-to-toe facelift. We've touched and improved just about everything within the system to continue to simplify the process of booking reservations and managing your center! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.30.0 — 2020-10-18

AlleyTrak v4.30.0 introduces improvements to Email Notifications focusing on providing better looking (and more informative) emails, and improving deliverability rates. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.29.0 — 2020-10-04

AlleyTrak v4.29.0 introduces Same Day Reservation Buffers and Order Cancellation Improvements Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.28.0 — 2020-09-20

AlleyTrak v4.28.0 includes improvements to Concessions and Order Add-ons Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.27.0 — 2020-09-13

AlleyTrak v4.27.0 introduces Per-Game pricing. This highly request feature will allow your customers to better define their event based on a unit familiar to them. Not all guests know how long it takes 6 players to bowl 2 games, but with per-game pricing you can guide them to make an appropriate reservation. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.26.0 — 2020-08-16

AlleyTrak v4.26.00 includes improvements to payment gateway integrations Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.25.0 — 2020-07-27

AlleyTrak v4.25.0 includes a new feature: Reservation Duration Minimum Add-ons. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.24.0 — 2020-07-12

AlleyTrak v4.24.0 includes new functionality to Dynamic Pricing, Order Cancellation Notifications, Temporary Order Removal Controls, Editing Existing Reservation Adjustments, and other small adjustments. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.23.0 — 2020-07-05

AlleyTrak v4.23.0 includes updates to AlleyTrak's administrative panel focused around reservation viewing and management. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.22.0 — 2020-06-28

AlleyTrak v4.22.0 includes extensive updates to AlleyTrak's lane selection and validation system and new functionality to dynamic pricing. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.21.0 — 2020-06-21

AlleyTrak v4.21.0 includes extensive updates to AlleyTrak's currency support system and updates to the Daily Reminder Notification system Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.20.3 — 2020-06-07

AlleyTrak v4.20.3 revolves around improvements to the AlleyTrak API and on-site integration. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.20.0 — 2020-05-31

AlleyTrak v4.20.0 includes small adjustments to administrative controls when editing existing reservations. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.19.0 — 2020-05-24

AlleyTrak v4.19.0 introduces new features to Deposit Pricing, Administrative Convenience Fees, and administrative displays. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak 4.18.0 — 2020-05-17

AlleyTrak v4.18.0 introduces new controls for recording payment types for transactions. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak 4.17.0 — 2020-05-03

AlleyTrak v4.17.0 introduces Block After for Grid-View and major updates to the reservations API, a revamp of the Administration Daily Reservation Report, small improvements to the order confirmation notifications, and administrative checkout experience improvements Read More

Update: AlleyTrak 4.16.0 — 2020-04-05

AlleyTrak v4.16.0 introduces a highly requested feature the ability for customers to initiate an order cancellation. We've also implemented updates to Reservation Block Notes, Email Notifications, and Reporting components. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.14.1 — 2020-03-08

Version 4.14.1 increases the maximum party size for Party Packages, and adds additional data validation processes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.14.0 — 2020-02-16

Version 4.14.0 introduces a new way for administrators to record transactions. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.13.0 — 2020-02-02

Version 4.13.0 introduces an update to the Deposit Pricing Configuration, Administrative payment processing, and a new area for custom content in the customer checkout page. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.12.0 — 2020-01-19

Version 4.12.0 introduces an update to Reservation Blocks and two new controls for managing when customers can book reservations and how staff members can manage center hours. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.11.0 — 2019-12-15

Version 4.11.0 introduces new administrative features Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.10.0 — 2019-11-10

Version 4.10.0 introduces a highly requested feature: Promo Codes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.9.0 — 2019-10-06

Version 4.9.0 comes out with a new control to require party packages, and the ability to create dynamic convenience fees. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.8.0 — 2019-09-22

Version 4.8.0 comes with two new features that impact administrative staff members and custom AlleyTrak integrations with our APIs. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.7.0 — 2019-09-01

AlleyTrak version 4.7.0 comes with Stripe Payment Gateway Integration, a updated look for order confirmation emails, and a new checkout experience for Party Packages. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.6.0 — 2019-08-11

AlleyTrak version 4.6.0 comes with Square Payment Gateway Integration, new order reminder emails, and other back-end management updates. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.5.5 — 2019-07-14

AlleyTrak version 4.5.5 comes with a series of updates to existing features in addition to a handful of new features. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.5.0 — 2019-07-07

New to AlleyTrak are features revolving around the multi-locations and multi-activities. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.4.3 — 2019-06-30

New to AlleyTrak is the Reservation Calendar View and Limit Reservations by Customer controls. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v4.0.0 — 2019-06-09

AlleyTrak version 4.0.0 introduces a fresh coat of paint for the administrative panel. We've completely re-wrote the administrative panel to provide an easier management experience. Rebuilding the administrative panel has been something we've wanted to do for a long time now, but it is such a massive undertaking that it took some time to implement. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v3.2.0 — 2019-05-03

We're excited to introduce Party Packages to AlleyTrak. Party Packages will provide great flexibility and customization in the offerings you can provide your customers. In general, we've found that most centers have multiple offerings and price formats for customers. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v3.1.0 — 2019-04-14

AlleyTrak version 3.1.0 brings big changes to reservation durations and two new controls: deposit pricing and equipment rentals. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v3.0.5 — 2019-04-02

AlleyTrak version 3.0.5 bring a new control titled Definition Settings. Found in the application settings view, administrators can now configure the identification system used for lanes, and also modify the display label or term used for locations and lanes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v3.0.3 — 2019-03-22

AlleyTrak Patch v3.0.3 includes 3 new quality of life updates for system administrators and a bug patch for Max Lanes validation. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v3.0.2 — 2019-03-10

AlleyTrak version 3.0.2 comes with a massive update to our Grid-View validation system. This update extends our latest flexible Time Increments support in Form-View to also operate in Grid-View. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v3.0.0 — 2019-03-01

AlleyTrak version 3. The easiest way to say what we've been working on with AlleyTrak is to say it is a complete re-work. We've taken in a lot of feedback from users and we wanted to figure out how we could incorporate many of the requested features and how we can continue to make AlleyTrak better for the future. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v2.2.3 — 2018-11-20

AlleyTrak version 2.2.2 launches today and includes expanded customization controls that will allow administrators the ability to further tailor AlleyTrak to fit their business model and their bowling center, Featuring Months Out and Maximum Guests. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v2.2.2 — 2018-10-15

We're excited to add in a few new controls to allow administrators more flexibility in how guests reserve their lanes. These features help make AlleyTrak more customizable for your bowling alley and give administrators more tools available to leverage and optimize their center; Featuring New Pricing Format: Per Guest, Minimum Guests, Guests per Lane, and Enforce Lanes. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v2.2.1 — 2018-09-18

AlleyTrak version 2.2.1 launches today includes new data reporting tools. Keep tabs on the number of reservations for a given period of time, monitor cash-flow from reservations and observe trends on when guests are booking reservations. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v2.2.0 — 2018-03-25

AlleyTrak version 2.2.0 launches today and provides an extensive set of updates to refine and enhance our application and database structure. Also an important patch comes to fix a bug impacting reservation blocks. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v2.0.0 — 2017-09-13

AlleyTrak version 2 launches today and provides a completely redesigned user-interface, dynamic pricing and other new features to make managing your alley more customized and intuitive for your customers. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v1.3.16 — 2017-05-30

AlleyTrak version 1.3.16 launches today and includes a bug patch to the recently launched temporary orders and the official launch of the Android Mobile Users bug patch. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v1.3.15 — 2017-05-23

AlleyTrak version 1.3.15 launches today and includes some exciting new upgrades to our order processing system and double book prevention and monitor tools. These features added work to further eliminate the potential for double booked lanes. Other smaller updates include new tools for application administrators and other minor bug patches. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v1.2.14 — 2017-05-17

AlleyTrak version 1.2.14 launches today with are most comprehensive set of updates to date! Version 1.2.14 includes updates to our PayPal API integration, extended access to the AlleyTrak administrative panel, a new Reservation Income Data Download function, the launch of Reservation Quick Books and several bug patches. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v1.1.13 — 2017-05-09

AlleyTrak version 1.1.13 launches today and includes an update to our User Access Groups, addition to the Reservation Quick-View, launch of the new AlleyTrak website and bug patches. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v1.0.12 — 2017-05-02

AlleyTrak version 1.0.12 launches today (May 2nd 2017) and includes an update to the reservation dashboard, enhancements to the double booking prevention and monitor tool, additions to the quick-view system and more! Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v1.0.11 — 2017-04-25

AlleyTrak version 1.0.11 launches today (April 25th 2017) and includes an update to our documentation section, partial reservation manager, reservation quick-view and launched the beta version of our double book prevention and monitor tool. Read More

Update: AlleyTrak v1.4.16 — 2017-04-06

AlleyTrak version 1.4.16 launches today and includes a comprehensive update to our Reservation Block system and updates to lane pricing calculations. Read More