Update: AlleyTrak v3.0.2
Posted on 2019-03-10

AlleyTrak version 3.0.2 comes with a massive update to our Grid-View validation system. This update extends our latest flexible Time Increments support in Form-View to also operate in Grid-View.

We've said it at least a million times now, and we hear it all of the time when talking to centers about online reservations. Every center operates slightly different from the next. And we are committed to making AlleyTrak the most flexible and most reliable online reservation system for bowling alleys. Our updated Grid-View validation now supports various time increments. Meaning you can have customers select their reservation in quarter-hour, half-hour and hour increments.

This gives your center the ability to fine-tune how and even more importantly, when customers can make reservations. AlleyTrak by default still requires all reservations to be a minimum 1-hour reservation and this holds true with this latest version 3.0.2 updates but it is our goal in the near future to add flexible minimum and maximum reservation duration support.