Update: AlleyTrak v4.12.0
Posted on 2020-01-19

Version 4.12.0 introduces an update to Reservation Blocks and two new controls for managing when customers can book reservations and how staff members can manage center hours.

Custom Day Hours 

We've added an entire new set of controls in AlleyTrak for configuring custom hours of operation for a specific day. Custom Hours allow staff members to set reservation availability for a specific day to be different than the default. Perfect examples for this include center closings for holidays, or extended hours of operation for special events. 

Reservation Hours vs Center Hours 

We've added a new way for staff members to better manage their facility and reservation availability. With Reservation Hours - you define when customers can book reservations through AlleyTrak's Customer Portal. With Center Hours - you can define hours that extend before and after your normal reservation hours.

Center Hours will display in the AlleyTrak Admin panel and allow staff members to enter reservations outside of the normal Reservation Hours. This provides staff members the flexibility to enter and manage reservations and events, like corporate events and large parties, that would not be booked during normal reservation hours. 

Reservation Block Updates

We've added a new custom notes section to Reservation Blocks, which allows admins to add free-text based details for a reservation or event that might be managed through a Reservation Block.