Update: AlleyTrak v5.24.0
Posted on 2022-03-06

AlleyTrak version 5.24 introduces custom Package Payment Policies and Form View Add-on Lanes

Package Payment Policies:

We've added a handful of new controls to help you better customize packages and how customers pay for those events when booking their reservation online.

Historically, packages followed the same global payment policies for the same activity. So if your activity was configured to charge a 50% deposit, it would apply for standard “open play” and all types of packages.

To add more flexibility on a per-package basis, we've implemented the following controls that can be configured individually for each package:

  1. Leverage default or custom package policy

  2. Payment Types (paying in full, or a deposit)

  3. Deposit Types (paying a fixed dollar amount, or a percentage of the order)

  4. Deposit Payment Rate (either a fixed dollar amount, or a percentage)

  5. Require Payment (determining if a payment will be required to book this package)

Add-on Lanes:

When you have a per-lane pricing structure, it can be nice to allow guests to purchase additional lanes outside of the minimum required number of lanes for an event. One example might be for a bowling event where a party of 6 would like to reserve 2 lanes. When using a per-lane pricing structure, customers can make the decision to purchase additional lanes, to play more frequently.

Historically, adding additional lanes has always been an option for Grid-View. WIth the revamp of Form-View in April of 2021 we didn't have a method for allowing customers to purchase additional lanes. This new control will allow you to better support different varieties and preferences for reservations. Do note that the Required Lanes control will allow you to determine if you want to allow customers to purchase additional lanes, above the minimum number of required lanes.