Update: AlleyTrak v4.21.0
Posted on 2020-06-21

Currency Support Improvements

We've made extensive updates to both the AlleyTrak API and user interface for displaying currency symbols. You will now find that your center's selected currency symbol will be much more consistent throughout the system.

Daily Reminder Email Notifications

We've reworked the Daily Reminder Email Notifications to improve both delivery times based on timezone and server performance when sending bulk emails. 

Email Queue Improvements
The new email queue will work to provide a steady flow of emails without bogging down the system and causing performance issues. 

Timezone Specific Email Delivery
The new email queue will now take your centers/locations time zone into consideration for when the notifications will be sent out to customers. In short, your customers will receive the event reminder email at 7:00 AM in the time zone that the center is configured for.