Update: AlleyTrak v2.2.3
Posted on 2018-11-20

AlleyTrak Expanded Customization Controls

We're adding in two new features in AlleyTrak version 2.2.3 which will allow administrators the ability to further tailor AlleyTrak to fit their business model and their bowling center. Months Out and Maximum Guests.

Months Out

Months Out allows administrators to control how far out into the future guests can reserve lanes. Previously AlleyTrak allowed guests to schedule their party at any date in the future. Guests for instance could book 15 minutes before their reservation, or 6 months. This flexibility is great because it gives users full control of their event planning and convenience to schedule at a time that works for them.

However there may be instances where some centers may want to prevent guests from booking too far into the future. Events, leagues and parties can often flow and change in frequency through seasons and ensuring accurate lane availability for future events is always a top priority of centers. Months Out will now allow administrators to set how far into the future guests can book a lane. By default Months Out is set to 12 months, but admins can adjust it to as low as 1 month out.

Maximum Guests

Maximum Guests is an extension to a recent update allowing for administrators to set Minimum Guests required for users to reserve a lane. Perhaps your center wants to require a minimum party size for a reservation. By enabling Minimum Guests admins can determine the number required for a reservation.

Maximum Guests is the other side of the coin. By default AlleyTrak calculates the maximum number of guests your center could hold based on the number of lanes multiplied by the number of guests per lane. However you may prefer to book large parties over the phone for special rates and or promos. When having Maximum Guests enabled, users will receive a notification if and when they attempt to book a party larger than that defined value. The notification indicates the user that large parties are to contact the center for special rates and is then provided the contact phone number.

By default we've set the Maximum Guests value at parties larger than 25. This rate can be adjusted in the App Settings view in the AlleyTrak admin panel and can be adjusted at any point in time.

Looking Forward

We've been working on reworking AlleyTrak's Dynamic Pricing tool. The current system works great however we are looking to add more flexibility in pricing as well as making the tool easier for administrators to use and manage. Dynamic Pricing “2.0” will provide flexibility in pricing by day. Current Dynamic Pricing allows for different pricing by half hour, but there may be instances where different days may have a different rate for the same time. Peak hour bookings on Friday evenings from 6PM - Midnight for example will likely have a different rate than Monday - Thursday 6PM - Midnight.