Update: AlleyTrak v5.37.0
Posted on 2022-09-25

AlleyTrak version 5.37.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Square Payment Gateway, and adds Reservation Dashboard Hovers, Lane Pairings, Custom Cancellation Notification Recipients, and Limited Package Bookings via Direct Access.

Square Payment Gateway:

We've upgraded the Square payment gateway to now have a fully integrated checkout experience. Previously customers would book through a separate Square built interface that would take the customers off-site. This provided a poor user experience and entered the potential for double bookings. With our new Square gateway integration we're able to keep the booking experience entirely within AlleyTrak and remove the potential for double bookings.

Reservation Dashboard - Grid Hover:

We've added a new handy way to view reservations from the dashboard. You can now hover over reserved lanes from the grid and the accompanying reservation card will display providing you quick access to information about the event. This should be helpful for quickly identifying reservations, and even more helpful when using full-width view!

Limited Package Bookings via Direct Access:

We've built a new mechanism to only allow packages to be booked if a customer has a direct link to book that package. This is incredibly useful to offer events like league member bookings, or member type bookings that are only accessible to be booked by specific users.

Within the Package Manager, we've added a new tool to help you quickly identify the direct link for all of your packages.

Lane Pairings:

Lane Pairings is a great new feature to help you automatically better organize your bookings. When enabled, Lane Pairings will automatically assign guests that require an even number of lanes to a pair of lanes. For example, if we assume lanes 2,3,4,5,6,7 are all available (we already have a booking on lane 1). A customer requiring 2 lanes would be assigned to lanes 3 and 4 as opposed to 2 and 3. This helps keep the group closer together for their bookings. 

Custom Admin Notification for Cancellations:

Historically order cancellation notifications have been sent to the same inboxes that are configured to receive booking notifications. In some instances you may want specific users to receive the notifications regarding cancellations so they can take action for rescheduling, and or potentially refunding the customer.

We've built this new control to allow you to better specify who on your team should receive the new booking notifications, and who should receive the cancellation notifications.

Promotion Code Administrative Updates:

We've enhanced the process for reviewing your custom promotion codes. We've broken out the already redeemed codes so you can now easily see which unique codes are still available for use, and which ones have been used.