Update: AlleyTrak v5.77.0
Posted on 2023-09-17

AlleyTrak version 5.77.0 Introduces Integrations for TouchDesk and ActiveDemand, a New Lane Usage Report, New Enforce Lane Dividers Setting, and Several Enhancements to Packages!

TouchDesk Integration

We're extremely excited to launch our first lane scoring system integration. For centers utilizing TouchDesk, you can connect your AlleyTrak account to TouchDesk to automatically import reservations into TouchDesk.

This integration will help streamline your in-center day-to-day operations and simplify the check-in process. Our Integration with TouchDesk will send over new reservations, update existing reservations in TouchDesk if they are modified in AlleyTrak, and remove reservations from TouchDesk that are canceled, deleted, or removed from AlleyTrak.

ActiveDemand Integration

We've added a new marketing integration with ActiveDemand. With this integration, customers created in AlleyTrak will automatically be imported into your ActiveDemand account.

Lane Usage Report

We've added a new report that notes lane usage over time. This data can easily be exported and analyzed in Google Sheets, or Excel. In the future we intend to build a visual display for this data.

Enforce Lane Dividers Setting

We've added a new control that allows you specify if customers should be allowed to be assigned to lanes that span a lane divider.

For example, you may have a physical wall between lanes 10 and 11. By utilizing the lane divider control and the new enforce lane dividers setting, you can ensure that customers don't get assigned a “split reservation” across these spaces. 

The new enforce lane dividers setting does not apply to administrators when logged into the admin panel, or for businesses still using the Grid-View presentation format. 

Package Dynamic Pricing - Add-on Rate

We've extended Package Dynamic Pricing to now support a custom add-on rate modifier. This works similarly to the standard price modifiers that are available when configuring your Dynamic Pricing for packages, but adds new flexibility for more complex pricing models. 

Custom Contract Links Per Package

We've added the ability for you to define a custom contract link for each package you create. With this new control, you can choose to use your default contract (configured in your location/activity settings), choose to not send a contract for the particular package, or to use a custom contract link.

Custom Terms & Conditions Per Package

We've added the ability for you to define custom Terms & Conditions for each package you create. By default, packages will use the inherited application-wide Terms & Conditions (found in Settings > Page Content). Within the Package Editor, you will now find controls  to define custom Terms & Conditions.

Party Size Control Per Package

We've added the ability for you to determine if the party size control should show up for specific packages. Three options exist. You can use the location/activity default, turn off the party size control for the package, or choose to use the party size control for the package.

Based on the setting defined, AlleyTrak will conditionally hide or show the Party Size control from the end-user as part of the checkout process.

Ability to Hide Equipment Rentals Per Package

We've added the ability to hide the equipment rental control on a per-package basis. This functionality extends the original functionality, where you could choose to charge either the default rate, or charge a custom rate. Organizations now have the ability to remove the equipment rental control for packages where that information is not needed.

Package Add-ons: Max Quantity by Required Lanes

We've extended the maximum quantity selector for package add-ons to support limitations based on the number of required lanes.

For example, if a customer booked two lanes, you can limit the maximum number of add-ons they can purchase to two. If the customer instead booked four lanes, they could purchase up to four add-ons.

The Maximum Quantity functionality is per line-item basis, and not a total of all add-ons purchased.

Order Total Label Enhancement

We've added a small modification to the display of Order Total when viewing the Reservation Cards on the Reservation Dashboard. If an Order Total has a value of 0.00, we will display an asterisk at the end to note that while the order is paid-in-full, it was also created with a value of 0.00.

Admin Panel Updates

  1. We've added a new “Remove All” control for the lane selector tools found within the Package editor and the Reservation Block editor. Similar to the “Select All” control, you can now remove all of the selected lanes with a single click.

  2. We've restructured the Dynamic Pricing list-view table to contain more columns of data. This will help make sorting and filtering easier, and provide better exporting capabilities.

  3. We've added new interface to surface “Package Group Direct Links”, which allow you to limit which packages are eligible to be booked when using this custom link. The Package Group Direct Link can be found in Locations > Packages, where you create and edit Package Groups.

  4. We've resolved a visual bug impacting the lane selector tools when loading different locations/activities that are not the primary location/activity on the account.