Update: AlleyTrak v5.75.0
Posted on 2023-08-20

AlleyTrak version 5.75.0 Introduces Enhancements to the Customer Checkout Experience, Staff Assignments, Package Groups, and New Fixed Lane Requirements for Packages. 

New Fixed Lane Requirement for Packages

We've added a new series of controls for Packages so that you can create fixed lane count requirements for events. This new feature is great for large events or center buy-outs that include a definite number of lanes regardless of guest count. 

Customer Checkout Experience Enhancements

We've made some modifications to the customer checkout experience to help make the Reservation Details page more user friendly. We've removed a series of icon buttons, which we've received feedback from customers that the icon buttons are not always intuitive for users. This change replaces the icons with an “Edit” button which is a much more direct call-to-action.

Staff Assignment Enhancements

We've revamped the recently launched Staff Assignments feature to now support multiple assignments per event. The scenario where you have a large event and you'd like to have multiple staff members assigned to help manage it is now possible.

With this change, you can now easily click on multiple staff members to assign them from the Reservation Viewer pop-up. You can also see the reservations and their assignments in the Calendar View.

Package Group Direct Link Enhancements

We've updated our package group direct link feature to now support a new look-up for the next available day. This will seamlessly search for the next date where a package in the group is available and update the event date to that available day.

Other Changes:

  • We've updated the calendar date-picker that shows up during the customer checkout experience. When using a package direct link, the date-picker will bypass the default max-date out that customers can book for. Now customers will be able to browse and book events for any date within the package's defined start and end date.

  • We've lifted a user-access restriction in the Reservations > View All page so now all users can change their presentation format and lookup deleted, previous, and cancel reservations along with running advanced searches.