Update: AlleyTrak v5.41.0
Posted on 2022-10-30

AlleyTrak version 5.41.0 Introduces Add-on Purchase Limits, an Additional Event Default Duration Setting, Additional Event Verification, Enhancements to the Dashboard Calendar View, and more!

Add-on Purchase Limits
Similar to Package Add-ons, we've added the ability to set a purchase limit for individual general/global add-ons. By default we've configured all previously created add-ons to have a limit of 100, but you can modify this as needed in the Add-ons Manager. 

Event Duration Default Setting
We've added a new setting that impacts Event Durations. Previously the 3 settings impacting event duration have been Minimum Duration, Maximum Duration, Duration Add-on Quantity. 

This new Default Duration setting will allow you to set a value in-between your minimum and maximum duration settings. Think of it as a way to up-sell an event, or pre-define a more commonly booked duration than your minimum offering. To start, we've configured all accounts to have a Default Duration setting matching their Minimum Duration. You can manage this setting in the Locations Manager.

Additional Event Verification
In some centers, staff members are very engaged with their customers. They might have an event coordinate contact the customer in advance of their event date to help organize the event, confirm the event details etc.

To help keep track of this process, we've added a new verification control within the Reservation Viewer. This new control works similar to the Mark as Checked In control, which will allow you to toggle an events verification status.

Calendar View Enhancements
We've added some shiny new features to the Calendar View. New to this page is the ability to view Reservation Blocks. This should allow for a much more streamlined management and verification process as you are creating and working with your Reservation Blocks and Reservations on a day-to-day basis.

Customer Checkout Experience Enhancements
We've added 3 notable changes to the customer checkout experience.

  1. We've added a new “or” label that displays at the payment selection page. If your account is configured to give the customer the option to make a payment or pay at center, this new display label will show. 

  2. We've added new logic to hide the “Required Lanes” label from customers in instances when you have the number of “Guests per Lane” set to 1 and “Enforce Lanes” set to True. When these two settings are configured this way, the “Required Lanes” setting becomes a bit redundant.

  3. We've updated the display label for Packages to read as “Open Play” when no package is selected.