Update: AlleyTrak v4.7.0
Posted on 2019-09-01

New Stripe Payment Gateway

We're excited to add a 4th payment gateway to AlleyTrak, which continues to provide more options for centers when onboarding and integrating with AlleyTrak. Stripe and PayPal have very similar processing fees. Similar to Square, Stripe can be connected to 3rd party point-of-sale systems which would allow for all in-center and online transactional data to feed into a centralized management system.

Updated Party Package Checkout Experience

Launching today is an extensive set of updates to the entire checkout process for AlleyTrak. Previously if a center has Party Packages enabled for their center, the customer would be presented with a choice early on in the checkout process. To choose between either making a standard reservation, or booking a party package.

We felt that this was a little restrictive, and so we rewrote the party package code to now function in tandem with the normal reservation management system. This allows customers to more easily view different party packages offered to switch between booking a standard reservation to a party quite easily.

One of the biggest hurdles to pass with this update includes adding support for the party package system to use the Grid-View system. In previous versions the Party Package checkout experience relied on the Form-View system, however the new system now supports both Grid-View and Form-View systems.

New Order Confirmation Emails

We've updated the order confirmation email system to leverage the look and feel as the recently updated Daily Reminder Email. This provides a much more inviting and user-friendly email confirmation for your customers. In addition, we've added a new custom message field for you to provide additional information to your customers like a link to your menu, terms and conditions, or safety waivers.