Update: AlleyTrak v5.39.0
Posted on 2022-10-09

AlleyTrak version 5.39.0 Introduces Availability by Time Indicators and Reporting Enhancements

Availability by Time Indicators

We've built in a new display option which allows you to show the number of spaces available at a particular time when using Form View. When enabled, we will display the number of spaces available for each available time slot the customer is looking to book for. This presentation helps give the customer a better understanding of availability and can help them make decisions about their party size and or the time they schedule their event for.

Reporting Enhancements

We've made the following adjustments to our reporting capabilities:

  • Our on-demand report builder now allows you to generate order reports based on the date of the events. Previously this report only operated by the date the booking was created.

  • We've added the Event Start Time, Event Duration, Enroll In Promotions, and Booking Questions to the on-demand report.

  • We've added Booking Questions, and Enroll In Promotions to the scheduled reporting tool.