Update: AlleyTrak v5.52.0
Posted on 2023-01-29

AlleyTrak version 5.52.0 Introduces Right-to-Left Lane Assignments, Square Refunds, New Equipment Rental Logic, Customer User Experience Enhancements, and other Administrative Updates.

Right-to-Left Lane Assignments

We've added in new functionality to allow AlleyTrak to assign events to lanes starting in right-to-left format. This allows you to instead have events initially placed at the higher lane numbers instead of the lower numbers.

In the future we are going to extend this functionality even further, so that you can select specific event types that should be assigned right-to-left as opposed to left-to-right.

Square Payment Refunds

With the recent addition of Payment Refunds, we are excited to now offer the capability to issue refunds for Square directly within the AlleyTrak admin panel. 

New Equipment Rental Logic

We've added two new types of Equipment Rental validation. Historically, customers were able to purchase any number of equipment rentals as part of their booking. We've now added the options to:

  1. Limit the maximum number of equipment rentals that can be purchased to be equal to or less than the number of guests participating. 

  2. Require that customers purchase equipment rentals as part of their booking. In this case, the equipment rental count will mirror the number of guests participating.

The two new validation options can be enabled in the location settings.

Customer User Experience Enhancements

We've revamped the customer checked out experience when it comes to indicating the number of Guests Participating, Party Count, Required Lanes, Number of Games, and Equipment Rentals.

In addition to being able to click the plus/minus buttons, customers will now have the ability to select a quantity from a dropdown selection. This should be extremely beneficial when attempting to book large events. 

We're planning to extend this functionality over to Addons (package addons included) in the very near future.

Administrative Updates

Quarter-Hour Availability

We've updated the controls that allow you to set Open/Close hours to now support quarter-hour increments. Previously these controls were configured for half-hour increments. This change applies to:

  • Location Settings: Reservation Hours
  • Location Settings: Center Hours
  • Location Settings: Open Play Hours
  • Custom Hours
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Package Availability

Archiving Packages

A few weeks back we added a new “archiving” tool to AlleyTrak which separates expired and active records. This helps keep your day-to-day operations streamlined, while still allowing you to recall and reuse expired entries at a later date.

Our initial implementation included Custom Hours, Dynamic Prices, and Reservation Blocks. We've now added Packages to this archival process. 

Tip: Just click the “Show Previous” button at the top-right of the page to view the archived Custom Hours, Dynamic Prices, Reservation Blocks, or Packages.

“Checking Out” Events

We've extended the functionality which allows you to “Check In” events. You can now toggle between 3 different statuses for an event:

  1. Not Checked In

  2. Checked In

  3. Checked Out

When an event is checked in, you will see a check icon in the Reservation Grid where the event was assigned. When an event is checked out, you will see an x icon in the Reservation Grid where the event was assigned.