Update: AlleyTrak v5.57.0
Posted on 2023-03-05

AlleyTrak version 5.57.0 Introduces Enhancements to our Mailchimp Integration, Enhancements to Custom Hours, New “Open Play” Definition Setting, New Admin “Cut-off Time” Setting, and Promo Code Management Capabilities

Mailchimp Integration Update

We've added the ability to include a “Tag” within the Mailchimp integration. With a tag, you can specify additional information about how you want Mailchimp to organize your contacts in your audience/list. 

New Custom Hour Setting for “Center Hours” 

We've added the ability to set Custom Hours that are exclusive for Center Hours. With this setting, you can now specify availability that only your administrators would be provided. 

Example Use Case:

Let's assume your center is normally closed on Mondays. Maybe a business called and was looking to book an event for a Monday.

With this new setting, you can easily open up the facility, book the event, and manage the event over time, all without worrying about other customers having the ability to book events during this day or time.

Admin Same-Day Cut-Off Time

We've added a control that allows you to determine how we should present same-day availability to center staff. If you enter walk-ins and manage real-time availability in AlleyTrak, you will commonly want to create events that might not fit in perfectly with the time slots. For example, a customer may walk in at 7:05 PM. Do you assign them to the 7:00 start time slot, or 7:15?

With this same-day cut-off control, you can determine if we should allow your staff to start events within time slots that have already started or are in progress. This becomes especially useful when looking at centers that use larger time increment settings, like 30-minutes or 60-minutes. 

This new control, titled “Allow Staff to Book Events for the Current Time Increment” can be found in the Location settings.

Promo Code Management Capabilities

We've added new logic to make Promo Codes editable after their initial creation. While there are some restrictions to what can be modified, the bulk of the settings can be changed. The only settings that can't be modified is how many codes are available, or what the code looks like (a single code, or unique codes).