Update: AlleyTrak v5.76.0
Posted on 2023-09-04

AlleyTrak version 5.76.0 Introduces New Change Alert Notifications, Enhancements to Assigned Users and a New Override for Packages

New Change Alert Notifications

We've added a new Change Alert Notification email which can be configured at a location/activity level to send out a notification email to a staff member when an order is modified within a specified time period.  When enabled, this notification email will be sent out for orders that are modified resulting in a change to the orders:

  • Event date

  • Guest count

  • Event start time

  • Event duration

  • Event details (lane assignments)

  • Order total

Assigned User Enhancements

We've made a modification to the Reservation > View All page to now display all the users who are assigned to each reservation. You can now see assignments at a high level and easily sort/filter down by assigned users.

New Package Override - Customer Checkout Workflow

We've added a new override parameter that you can use for Package Direct Links, which will allow you to bypass the welcome page. This can provide an improved user experience.