Update: AlleyTrak v2.2.2
Posted on 2018-10-15

AlleyTrak Reservation Party Customization

We're excited to add in a few new controls to allow administrators more flexibility in how guests reserve their lanes. These features help make AlleyTrak more customizable for your bowling alley and give administrators more tools available to leverage and optimize their center.

New Pricing Format: Per Guests

Administrators can now charge based on the number of guests in the party, as opposed to the number of lanes reserved. Previously reservations were only charged by the lanes used, however we realized not all centers operate on the number of lanes and length of reservation. Enable the new Pricing Format: Per Guests to charge for the total number of guests per half hour.

Minimum Guests

Administrators can now set and enforce a minimum number of guests required to reserve a lane.

Guests per Lane

Administrators can now set the maximum number of guests that are allowed on a single lane. By default AlleyTrak uses the industry standard 6 guests per lane. However some centers have requested the ability for a custom number of guests per lane. Perhaps your center only supports 4 guests per lane.

Enforce Lanes

Enforce Lanes works in conjunction with Guests per Lanes. When enabled, guests will be required to fill up a lane before reserving a second lane. Enforce Lanes is extremely relevant when centers have the new pricing format Per Guests enabled because without Enforce Lanes enabled users could technically reserve 1 lane per person and take up for example 6 lanes. This could easily cut into the number of available lanes and would not provide optimal lane assignment.

All of these new features can be enabled, disabled or modified in the App Settings view in the AlleyTrak admin panel.