Update: AlleyTrak v5.34.0
Posted on 2022-07-31

AlleyTrak version 5.34.0 Introduces Open Play Availability Customizations, Open Play Exclusions and Enhanced Hours Management

Open Play Availability Customization

New to AlleyTrak is a way to set limits on when Open Play bookings are available to be scheduled for. Historically Open Play events have been able to be booked whenever lanes were available based on the center's Reservation Hours.

We're introducing new controls so you can set specific hours of the day where Open Play events can be booked. A common use case for this is to not offer Open Play events evenings where you might be looking to only take bookings for Cosmic/Moonlight/Glow bowl events.

Open Play Exclusions

Adding to the Open Play Configuration is Open Play Exclusions. Here you have the ability to set specific dates where you don't want to accept open play bookings. A common use case for this is New Year's Eve where you might be looking to have your customers instead book a package. By disabling open play bookings for New Year's Eve, customers will only have the option to book a package type event.

Enhanced Hours Management

Within the Admin panel, you now have three types of hours that you can configure Reservation Hours, Center Hours, and Open Play Hours. With three sets of hours, and a total of 42 time input settings, that can be a bit tedious to manage. To help simplify managing these hours, we've added the ability to pre-apply hours from one group to another with one click.

New Order Rounding Enhancements

We've added a new mechanism to support rounding order totals (after tax calculation) to the nearest 5 cents. Disabled by default, this setting can be enabled in the location setting.

Price Per Guest Displays

We've added a new option for displaying the price per guest within the customer checkout experience. This will calculate and display the cost prior to the customer confirming and paying for their reservation. Disabled by default, this setting can be enabled in the location settings.

Conditional Age Requirements

We've added a new control for Age Requirements, which now allows you to specify a time of day where all events booked at or beyond that point will be required to confirm that all guests attending will be at or above the age requirement set.

Universal Analytics + GA4 Enhancements

We've refactored our implementation for Custom Google Analytics integrations to now support GA4. Our implementation will continue to support Universal Analytics.