Update: AlleyTrak v5.71.0
Posted on 2023-07-23

AlleyTrak version 5.71.0 Introduces Calendar View Enhancements, Staff Assignment Enhancements, Kiosk Mode and a New Confirm Without Payment Button Definition!

Calendar View Enhancements

We're excited to launch a revamp of our Calendar View page and functionality. In the previous version of Calendar View, the page only showed one format (month-view) and would only display a total number of Reservation Blocks and Orders for each given day.

The updated Calendar View will now display each individual reservation and reservation block for each day. Events will be plotted within the calendar by start and end time when using the new Week and Week Day views. Simply click on any reservation or reservation block  to view the full details.

Staff Assignment Enhancements

Pairing our recently launched Staff Assignment feature with this week's updates to Calendar View, we've added a new Staff Assignment view, which allows you to view which reservations staff members are assigned to. From this view, you can simply click to edit a reservation to change the assignment.

The ability to view and manage Staff Assignments can be managed from both the weekly and day view.

Confirm Without Payment Button Definition

When a customer is allowed to book a reservation without a payment, they go through the standard booking workflow. At the end the customer will provide their contact information and click a button to confirm their reservation. That button has previously always been defined as “Pay at Center”.

This button definition is now customizable. Currently two definitions exist, but more can be added upon request. Options include:

  • Pay at Center

  • Pay Later