Update: AlleyTrak v5.36.0
Posted on 2022-09-11

AlleyTrak version 5.36.0 Introduces Enhancements to Custom Reporting, Age Booking Requirements, and the Reservation Dashboard

Custom Reporting Enhancement:

We've added a new Event Type control to the custom reporting tool. The reporting tool now lets you select specific types of events you would like to report on. For example, you may be looking to generate a report for just your upcoming Cosmic Bowling package, or maybe you want to generate a report for your upcoming birthday party packages. You still have the ability to generate a report providing you all events. You also have the ability to select multiple options, like three different packages, and Open Play events.

Age Booking Requirement Enhancement:

Back in July of 2022, we added a new control for Age Booking Requirements so that you could set a time of day when those age requirements would go into effect. We're continuing to extend this functionality so you can now specify specific days of the week when the requirements would go into effect. For example, your age requirement policy may only apply for Fridays and Saturdays.

Reservation Dashboard Enhancement:

Within the Reservation Cards found in the Reservation Dashboard, we've surfaced Package Titles into the card details so you can view which events are for which package without needing to click to view the entire order details. This should make the review process a bit easier

Email Opt-In Message:

We've added a new definition which will allow you to customize the email opt-in message presented to your customers on the terms and conditions page. The default message for centers reads “Send me promotions and special event information.”.