Update: AlleyTrak v5.32.0
Posted on 2022-07-03

AlleyTrak version 5.32.0 Introduces Enhancements to Dynamic Pricing

To better support different pricing models, we've worked to add additional functionality to Dynamic Pricing.

Perhaps most importantly, we've added a new Pricing Method control to support both linear and nonlinear pricing strategies based on event duration. Historically Dynamic Pricing worked the same regardless of event duration's. This new control allows you to more easily offer discounts to customers purchasing additional time. With this new non-linear pricing model you can now specify specific event duration's that the rule will apply for.

New for centers charging per-guest, we've also added a new method for dynamic pricing based on guest count. This allows you to create specific price brackets based on the number of guests. Imagine how guest counts impact their effective play-time. A party of 6 on a single lane would receive much less play-time per-person than a party of 3. In this instance, you might be interested in offering a lower price for guests in parties of 4-6 guests.

Lastly, we've revamped the control that allows you to specify which days a dynamic price applies. Historically you could set either a specific date or a day, like all Mondays, or all Tuesdays.

We've seen that many centers have prices that apply in a similar structure for weekdays, or weekends. This updated control will make it much easier to select all of the days where you would like a Dynamic Price applied. This creates a faster management process when both creating and updating prices over time.

We've rolled all of this new functionality into existing logic with Dynamic Pricing so you can still set your prices for specific days and specific times which will allow you to still get very specific on your prices.