Update: AlleyTrak v5.48.0
Posted on 2023-01-01

AlleyTrak version 5.48.0 Introduces New Deposit Pricing Formats and Improvements to Order & Transaction Reporting

Deposit Pricing: Per Lane

We've added a new Deposit Pricing Method, Per-Lane. With this new pricing method, you can specify a scalable deposit rate that will increase based on the number of lanes reserved for an event. Deposit Pricing Per Lane can be configured at a location level, or for specific packages.

Order & Transaction Reporting Enhancements

We've implemented two new fundamental updates to Order & Transaction reporting to support faster on-demand report generation and larger export record-sets. With all of these changes, we've updated the on-demand reporting to leverage the core AlleyTrak Orders API, which is the same APIs available to 3rd parties. This helps maintain consistency over time, and also introduces about 15 new data-points effective immediately.