Update: AlleyTrak v5.0.0
Posted on 2021-04-18

AlleyTrak version 5 is our next major release with a head-to-toe facelift. We've touched and improved just about everything within the system to continue to simplify the process of booking reservations and managing your center!

We're really excited to launch our next major release of AlleyTrak. Version 5 is the culmination of all the feedback we've received since the initial release of AlleyTrak. Over the years as we've worked with more and more centers it's easy to see that all centers operate differently and we aim to build the tools in AlleyTrak to support these centers.

This release is a head-to-toe new development of AlleyTrak. When looking at the goals and objectives for AlleyTrak it was clear that we wanted to do some major changes to AlleyTrak to make those goals achievable.

Noteworthy Changes

  • New: Customer UI
  • New: Form-View user-experience
  • New: Transactions flow
  • New: Email Notification
  • New: Dashboard Cards 
  • New: Packages
  • New: Reports

Minor Changes

  • New: Sales Tax control
  • New: Maximum Deposit Price control
  • New: Lane Dividers control
  • New: Reservation Check-ins
  • New: Cancellations Pages content
  • Updated: Calendar View
  • Updated: Quick-view / Reservation Details
  • Updated: Admin flow with Purchase status simplified