Update: AlleyTrak v1.0.12
Posted on 2017-05-02

AlleyTrak version 1.0.12 launches today (May 2nd 2017) and includes an update to the reservation dashboard, enhancements to the double booking prevention and monitor tool, additions to the quick-view system and more!

Updated Reservation Dashboard

We've made enhancements to the reservation dashboard to better clarify when reservations start and end. Reservations are now separated by color indicators to easily show different reservations.

Updated Double Booking Prevention & Monitor Tool

The double booking prevention and monitor tool has made it through beta testing and is now live and continually monitoring all reservations made using AlleyTrak. The system routinely checks reservations that take place on the same lane, time, date and location. Should a double booking ever occur, our system will notify a site administrator of the incident and prompt them to take action to resolve the issue. For more information on the double booking prevention and monitor tool please refer to the documentation section.

Updated Quick-View System

The quick-view system has been updated to now include information on reservation blocks. Easily click on any yellow reservation block from the reservation dashboard to launch the quick-viewer and get information about the block.

Updated Administrative Sidebar Menu

We've updated the administrative sidebar menu to house all of the page editors within a single drop-down. The “Home Page”, “Help Center”, “Terms of Service” and “Success Page” are all now accessible via the “Pages” menu drop-down.