Update: AlleyTrak v5.58.0
Posted on 2023-03-12

AlleyTrak version 5.58.0 Introduces New Reservation Block Configuration Options, Booking Question Enhancements, Improvements to the Customer Checkout Experience, New Administrator Reporting Options, and Several Bug Fixes. 

Custom Day Selections for Reservation Blocks

We've added a new Repeat Type option for Reservation Blocks called “Custom Days”. With Custom Days, you can select specific days of the week when a particular block should take place. An example could be a Weekday League block, where you want to block out a set number of lanes from 5:00 - 9:00 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for 32 weeks.

This new type of configuration allows you to easily create one block, instead of needing 3 blocks to do the same type of functionality.

Booking Questions by Location Open Play 

We've added a new control which will allow you to select which locations that offer Open Play, that you want to ask a question for. Previously, if you configured your Booking Question for Open Play, it would apply to any location that offered Open Play bookings. This new control will allow you to more tightly define when the question should be asked based on the specific location.

Customer Checkout Experience Improvements

We've added some new logic to the customer checkout experience to help customer more seamlessly navigate through the booking process.

A few weeks ago, we added a workflow that will automatically show the customer the Order Add-ons view/page, if they have the ability to purchase add-ons for their event, and if they have not looked at the Order Add-ons view/page.

Now when the customer views the Order Add-ons view/page from this workflow, we will seamlessly route the customer to the Availability Viewer page, where the customer can select the time slot for their event. 

Administrator Reporting Enhancements: Transactions

We've enhanced the Transactions dashboard to provide two new features.

  1. We've updated the “Load Older Records” functionality to now support retaining the original set of transactions, in addition to displaying the new records. This will help you view and work with larger sets of data and to work with that data more efficiently.

  2. We've added the ability to easily export this data from the page. It is our goal that this new exporting mechanism will replace previous exporting tools, but for now, both options exist. This export option is still only available to Application Editor, and Administrator level users.

Notable Bug Fixes

  1. We've fixed a bug that was impacting the “Shoe Size” Booking Question. This bug would display an additional half shoe size option larger than the maximum value set. For example, if you had the max size setting configured to 12, it would display a shoe size option of 12.5. This has been modified to stop at the intended size of 12.

  2. We've fixed a bug that was capping the maximum number of Required Lanes for administrators booking a package within the admin panel. Previously, the system would cap the maximum number of required lanes to the maximum supported amount for customer bookings. Because administrators are able to book events larger than what customers can, we needed to allow the Required Lanes calculations to increase accordingly. 

  3. We've updated our email notification and reminder systems to better handle sending emails to customers in Northeastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Australia and Oceania.