Update: AlleyTrak v1.3.15
Posted on 2017-05-23

AlleyTrak version 1.3.15 launches today and includes some exciting new upgrades to our order processing system and double book prevention and monitor tools. These features added work to further eliminate the potential for double booked lanes. Other smaller updates include new tools for application administrators and other minor bug patches.

New Feature: Temporary Orders

We've made some pretty fundamental changes to the way orders are handles within AlleyTrak. As of version 1.3.15 when a user clicks to agree to the required terms and conditions, the partial order is created. This is the same since version 1.0.0. However our new temporary order function will simultaneously make the newly created partial order as a “temporary order”. The user will then have up to 15 minutes to proceed to the Paypal payment and checkout process. During this 15 minute temporary order the lane will be quasi-reserved and unable to be reserved by other users. Should the user take longer than 15 minutes to make a payment the lanes will then become available for others to reserve.

Note: On the administrative panel we've made a custom indicator for temporary orders which will now show up in the viewer with a black box. You can read more about this in the documentation section of AlleyTrak.

New Feature: Default User Location

We've launched a new feature for the administrative panel to predetermine the set location when you log back into the AlleyTrak administrative panel. This feature is great for users who manage multiple locations but have one that they predominantly manage. Users can manage their default location in their profile settings.

New Feature: Home Page Toggle

We've added a feature in the AlleyTrak administrative panel to allow users to enable or disable the home page view in AlleyTrak. This is a useful option for clients who want to integrate AlleyTrak into their existing website. Users can manage the home page toggle in the App Settings view.

Updated Feature: Double Book Prevention and Monitor Tool

We've made another set of improvements to the double book prevention and monitor tool which will now scan an order whenever a customer attempts to book a reservation. This feature works hand in hand with the newly added temporary orders feature and also helps protect against site HTML hijacking. We are very concerned about application security and this newly added feature will only work to tighten up security and keep reservations accurate and to eliminate potential double booking incidents.

Other Patches

Database cleanup maintenance

Partial Reservation List Patch

If you have any questions about these updates or would like to learn more about AlleyTrak, please reach out to us at