Update: AlleyTrak v4.27.0
Posted on 2020-09-13

AlleyTrak v4.27.0 includes a new pricing format: Per-Game.

This highly request feature will allow your customers to better define their event based on a unit familiar to them. Not all guests know how long it takes 6 players to bowl 2 games, but with per-game pricing you can guide them to make an appropriate reservation.

Per-game pricing is a bit tricky because ultimately when a customer makes a reservation we have to allocate a specific amount of time for that event. What makes this pricing model tricky is that not all customers take the same amount of time to complete their game. Let's say for example the average game takes 10 minutes to complete, some guests could take 15 minutes which could push over into another reservation that was slated to start shortly after the original event.

With our new Per-Game pricing format, we've added 3 new controls. Game Duration, Minimum Number of Games, and Maximum Number of Games.

Game Duration is the average amount of time for a single player to complete a game. We use this estimation to calculate the minimum amount of time that a party would need to complete the desired number of games. We currently have the following options available for configuring game duration. (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes per game)

Minimum and Maximum Number of Games simply allows you to control how many games a party can make a reservation for.

Time Per Game: 10 Minutes
Players: 5
Games: 2

We would then calculate the event duration to be ((TimePerGame x Players) x Games) 

We then run some conversion calculations to determine what their true reservation duration would be depending on your Time Increments, Minimum Reservation Duration, Lane Count, etc.

In this example, 5 guests playing 2 games would have an estimated event total of 100 minutes. 

If this center operated in 30-minute time increments, the customer would then be required to have a 2-hour reservation.

If the center instead operated in 15-minute time increments, the customer would then be required to have a 1-hour 45-minute reservation.