Update: AlleyTrak v4.13.0
Posted on 2020-02-02

Version 4.13.0 introduces an update to the Deposit Pricing Configuration, Administrative payment processing, and a new area for custom content in the customer checkout page.

Deposit Pricing Update

We've added a new control for Deposits which allow you to configure the deposit type. You can now configure your deposits to be either a flat rate, or a percentage of the order total. 

Administrative Payment Processing

We resolved a bug that was impacting orders created in the administrative panel that included entering a deposit override payment with Stripe. The bug would see the customer charged the original deposit price instead of the custom price entered by a staff member.

New Customer Checkout Custom Content

We have added a new content area that you can customize for the customer checkout experience. This area is the introduction paragraph at the Order Details page — the final step before the customer proceeds to checkout. You now have a WYSIWYG editor in the Application Settings > Page Content view.