Update: AlleyTrak v5.42.0
Posted on 2022-11-06

AlleyTrak version 5.42.0 Introduces Dynamic Price Date Ranges, Suggested Tips, Order Notes Enhancements, Extended Event Reminders, Drop-downs for Booking Questions, and Admin Panel UI Enhancements

Dynamic Pricing Date Ranges

We've added new functionality for Dynamic Pricing, which will allow you to set a start and end date for when that price is valid. This new feature will allow you to more easily manage seasonal price changes.

Suggested Tips

We've added new functionality to allow your customers to pay a tip as part of their booking. Tips have up to 3 different rates that can be calculated for the customer. Displaying a suggested tip is completely optional. You can enable the display of suggested tips in both the location settings (for Open Play bookings), as well as for individual packages. Also in the location settings is the ability to configure your suggested tip rates with a range from 10-30%. By default Suggested Tips is disabled.

Customer Notes, Administrative Notes, and Order Notes Enhancements

We've added a new type of note for orders and it is called Order Notes. Order Notes differ from Customer Notes, and Administrative Notes in two key ways.

  1. Visibility to the customer: 

    1. Customer notes are intended to be notes provided by the customer as part of the booking. These notes are provided in emails to both the customer and center staff.

    2. Administrative notes are exclusively internal notes. These notes are not sent to the customer and they are only included in emails to the center staff.

    3. Order Notes help bridge the gap between Customer notes and Administrative notes. Order notes are provided in emails to both the customer and center staff. In addition, center staff have the ability to edit these notes through the Reservation Viewer, without editing the reservation directly. Order notes also show up at the top of email notifications for higher visibility.

  2. Manageability 

    1. Order Notes can be set or updated when you are adding or editing reservations. You can also edit Order Notes through the Reservation Viewer, without editing the reservation directly.

Extended Reminder Notification Emails

We've added new functionality to support sending extended email reminders. This works in addition to the main Event Reminder Email, which sends reminders to customers the day of their event. This new Extended Reminder Email will send one additional reminder email between 2-14 days before the scheduled event date. This Extended Reminder Email will include all of the same details included in the Event Reminder Email.

Drop-downs for Booking Questions 

We've added drop-downs as a new input type for booking questions. Creating your questions in the form of a drop-down allows you to more tightly define the expected response from your customers. 

Dashboard User Interface Enhancements

We've implemented some user interface updates in the AlleyTrak admin panel in an attempt to provide a better user experience. We've now contained critical sections of the dashboard within its own scrolling zone, to allow you the ability to more easily view the grid, reservation cards, and reservations details. This should also improve the user experience when attempting to horizontally scroll through your lane listing if you are not utilizing a mouse that supports horizontal scrolling.

Other Enhancements

  1. We've added the ability to clone a Promo Code. Similar to cloning a package, reservation block, Addon, etc, you can now quickly replicate a promo code and modify as needed.

  2. We've added a Direct Link for each location in the Manage Locations page. This will help you quickly identify links to pre-load one location over another.

  3. We've updated redirect functionality in the Reservation View All page, which will now keep you within the View All page when adding or editing reservations from this page.

  4. We've updated the “Customer Notes” input field within the AlleyTrak admin panel. Historically this field has always been disabled, unable to be edited by center staff. We've modified this logic slightly to make this field editable when you are creating a new reservation. If you are editing an existing reservation, this field will remain disabled to avoid modifying the customer's provided message.