Update: AlleyTrak v2.0.0
Posted on 2017-09-13

AlleyTrak version 2 launches today and provides a completely redesigned user-interface with new features to make managing your alley more customized and intuitive for your customers.

Our new user-interface provides more support for older web browsers, quick-tips and guides for customers, and an overall slimmed down and faster running program.

One of the more powerful features added to version 2 of AlleyTrak include dynamic pricing. Site administrators can now easily set pricing to better reflect their business traffic. Flexible pricing and rates can change at half-hour increments and will fit perfectly with your alleys current pricing schedule.

If you have any questions please reach out to us via our online chat found on the website or at

Redefined Front-End User Interface

We've completely redesigned the Front-End of AlleyTrak. One of the top priority must-haves for version 2 was a new user interface which would accomplish 3 goals:

  1. We wanted to ensure AlleyTrak was more compatible with other older web browsers.
  2. We wanted to add useful quick-tips and guides for customers who might be getting stuck along the way of making a reservation.
  3. Slim down AlleyTrak. Remove unnecessary JavaScript, CSS and server side scripting to ensure AlleyTrak loads quickly for users and performs well on any device.

New Feature: Dynamic Pricing

Our next important feature to include in the next major launch of AlleyTrak was Dynamic Pricing. Set pricing standards to better reflect your alley. With Dynamic Pricing you can set variable price rates at a half hour level. A perfect example is where you would charge $7.50 for lanes reserved before 4:00 PM and $8.25 for lanes after 4:00pm.

New Feature: Admin Panel Chat Center

We're rather excited to add a new Chat Center in version 2 which will allow administrators to reach out directly to the AlleyTrak team for help. If you or your team have a question about a specific element, or are having difficulties with something that might not be performing properly, you can message us directly with the Chat Center to get quick feedback.

Updated Admin Panel Color Palette

A rather small change compared to some of the others, but we've updated the color palette of the administrative panel to better reflect the front-end.

Update: Admin Panel Quick-Pick and Quick-Preview

Another rather small change comes in a quality-of-life update for adding images to input fields. We've added a component for quickly launching the Media Manager to select an image, and another for previewing the image.

Smaller Features & Bug Patches:

Other smaller features and patches to system functions include a patch to the system monitoring and removing temporary orders, a patch for a bug impacting a confirmation notification for administrators when editing reservation, and a new method for tracking orders made via the front-end and back-end.

Again if you have any questions please reach out to us via our online chat found on the website or at