Update: AlleyTrak v4.10.0
Posted on 2019-11-10

Promo / Discount Codes   

Promo codes have the opportunity to provide your center the ability to engage in digital marketing strategies that encourage customers to make reservations online while being able to redeem a discount or promotional rate.   

The discount rate comes with two pricing options a flat rate discount, or a percentage based discount. 

When you create your promo codes in AlleyTrak, you have the ability to create a static code or a unique code:

Static Codes
Static codes are great for digital marketing “Save 10% on your next reservation, use promo code: Save10”.   

Unique Codes
Unique codes allow you the ability to offer a specific promo code to customers that are only redeemable once. In addition, the unique promo codes are automatically generated (example: aepys-2).

Quantity Available

When you create a promo code, you get to define how many times that specific code can be redeemed (or how many unique codes we generate).   


Bug Fixes

  • Google Chrome Checkout Bug
  • Convenience Fee Calculation Adjustments
  • Square Payment Integration Adjustments