Update: AlleyTrak v5.6.0
Posted on 2021-07-11

AlleyTrak version 5.6 introduces SMS (text message) notifications. Adding SMS notifications will allow your customers to quickly receive updates on their order. Research indicates that SMS messaging has a significantly higher open rate and response time over traditional emails notifications.

For the initial release of SMS notifications, we will be offering notifications for all new order confirmations. In the future we see the potential to offer same day reminder notifications. SMS messaging is unfortunately significantly more expensive than email communication. With that in mind we are offering a new opt-in AlleyTrak PremiumPlus subscription which is $15/month more than the Premium subscription. This will allow existing centers that would prefer to not increase their subscription amount to continue to use the system as-is, and centers that would like to include SMS notifications can have their subscription updated.

Contact us to get started with SMS notifications on an existing AlleyTrak subscription.