Update: AlleyTrak 4.16.0
Posted on 2020-04-05

Order Cancellations

We've added a new system which centers can enable, to allow customers to cancel an order. If enabled, customers will receive a link in their order confirmation to cancel their order. To cancel an order, a customer must provide their email address and event date to confirm the cancellation.

When a customer cancels an order, a notification will be sent to both the customer and the system administrators. If a payment refund is necessary, an administrator will need to log into the appropriate payment gateway (, PayPal, Stripe, or Square) to issue the refund.

You can enable Order Cancellations in the Location Manager within AlleyTrak.

Reservation Block Notes Improvements

We've implemented a new update to Reservation Block Notes. Now you can toggle if the notes should be displayed to customers during the checkout and lane section process. If enabled, when a customer selects a lane that takes place during a reservation block, the customer will have the notes displayed in the pop-up dialog.

This can be incredibly useful when you have a reservation block that might run all-day for things like center closings or walk-ins only. Enabling Reservation Block Notes for the customer is done within each reservation block, for maximum flexibility. If the notes are not enabled for the customer, they will receive the default message stating that the lanes are not available at that time.

Email Notification Definition usage 

We've made a few small updates to both the confirmation email and reminder email to pull in more definitions when generating emails.

Report Export Improvements

We've made a few small updates to the report export functions for improved performance and data consistency.