Update: AlleyTrak v5.69.0
Posted on 2023-07-09

AlleyTrak version 5.69.0 Introduces Enhancements to Package Add-ons, Reservation Report Dashboard, Report Emails, and more!

Package Add-ons Enhancements

We've added a new way to offer add-on lanes as part of a package add-on. When creating a package add-on, you now have the ability to determine if the add-on will increase the number of lanes required for the booking. A great example use case for this is for kids' birthday parties. Maybe you want to allow the parents to grab an additional lane for a flat $20. 

Reservation “View All” Report Page Enhancements

We've re-worked the reservation report page to now have two presentation formats. We've kept the original “compact view” to provide you with a printer friendly option. The new “expanded view” will export much better for importing into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

With the “expanded view” you will find it is much easier to now sort by individual or multiple columns of data, so you can better organize the reservations based on your criteria.

With these changes, we've implemented a control to save your preferred presentation format so that when you come back (hours, days or weeks) later, your preferred presentation format will remain the same. 

New Toggle to Hide/Show “Today's Hours”

For some types of locations/activities, you might not want to display the facilities Reservation Hours. If that is the case, we've added a new toggle so you can selectively show the details to your customers. Enabled by default, you can manage this setting in the Location settings.

Package Availability - Extended Duration

We've updated how far into the future you can schedule and or make your packages eligible for bookings. Packages can now be configured for up to 10 years out. This effectively allows you to configure packages that never or rarely change and leave them as-is for a very long time.

Daily Order Report Email Enhancements

We've updated the daily order report email to now include the Customer Notes, Administration Notes, and Order Notes to provide you and your staff with additional relevant information.