Update: AlleyTrak v4.30.0
Posted on 2020-10-18

AlleyTrak v4.30.0 introduces improvements to Email Notifications focusing on providing better looking (and more informative) emails, and improving deliverability rates.

Email Notifications
Email notifications are a critical component for AlleyTrak to keep both you and your customers in the know. We have a handful of notification services available in AlleyTrak that are working around the clock to provide vital information.

We've ultimately taken the necessary time to rebuild our email notification systems from the ground up. With a new splash of pain (so to speak), emails now have a more modern look and will include even more useful information where possible.

We've also migrated to a service for sending emails to a 3rd party service provider which has considerably faster delivery rates and even more importantly, much higher email validation to avoid spam and junk folders.

Upcoming Notification Enhancements
This framework adjustment will allow us to add two updates here in the future: Multi-recipient notifications and SMS notifications.

We've already built the infrastructure to support multi-recipient notifications which will allow multiple users to receive daily reminder notifications and order confirmation notifications. This update should be available within the next few releases.

The 3rd party service provider we are partnering with also supports SMS notifications which we are in the early stages of exploring feasibility, exploring implementation requirements, and ultimately creating a pricing model behind this add-on feature. Areas where we see potential use for SMS notifications include:

  1. Same-day booking notification to center staff
  2. Reminder notification to the customer on the day of their event