Update: AlleyTrak v5.59.0
Posted on 2023-03-19

AlleyTrak version 5.59.0 Introduces Text Message Notifications for Admins, and Additions to the Transactions Reporting Dashboard.

Text Message Notifications for Admins

We've added in the ability for you to select users on your team who you would like to receive text message notifications when new reservations are booked. This control (found in the location settings), allows you to select up to 2 users on your team who we should notify regarding new bookings. To manage the phone numbers that receive the text message, you can update your user profile, with the newly added Phone Number field.

Transaction Reporting Dashboard Addition

We've added two new data-points to the Transactions Dashboard, to help you organize and filter down the reports you generate. We've added the Location/Activity Name, and the Event Type. The Event Type will read either Open Play, or the name of a specific package event that has been booked.