Update: AlleyTrak v5.28.0
Posted on 2022-04-24

AlleyTrak version 5.28.0 Introduces Concurrent Event Limiting and Much More!

With the release of v5.27 we introduced a control to limit the number of events that can start at a time. We've expanded this functionality in 2 large ways.

Custom Event Start Limits

Originally limited to one event starting at a time.  We've expanded this functionality to have a customizable value that you can now set. This allows you to set a limit anywhere from unrestricted to 20 events starting at a time subject to lane availability of course.

Package Groups

Package groups are a new addition to AlleyTrak to help you better manage how many concurrent events of a specific group you are looking to offer. Here are two common example use cases for Package Groups.

  1. Party Room Space Management

    1. If you are looking to manage party room space and you have a handful of events that could be booked to use that party room space, a Package Group is perfect for managing that availability. When configured, all packages that are a part of that group would have a limit to how many events can run concurrently.

  2. Event Hostess Staffing Management

    1. If your team is only capable of supporting a handful of larger parties at a time, you could create a Package Group to limit the number of larger events that can be running at a current time.

Open Play type bookings don't apply to Package Groups, so your smaller events can still book up to your designated lane availability.

Both Open Play and Packages (with or without Package Groups) apply to the Custom Event Start Limits.

Administrative Package Availability Override

Packages have the ability to have custom availability which can differ from your full reservation hours. When you select a package, both customers and administrators are presented with availability based on the package availability. There could be instances where an administrator approves a package event to take place at a time where it is normally not available.

To help support these use-cases, we've built in a new control to allow administrators to override the package available, and to more freely book these events. Using this new control is found in the same place where you enable the overrides for Reservation Blocks, and Reservation Buffers.

Package Event Date Exclusions

New to Packages is the ability to set specific dates where a package is not offered. This new control will provide you greater flexibility when managing special events where you might be only offering a specific package. A great use-case is when you are planning your New Year's Eve events. 

Custom Email Notification Recipient for Packages

Keeping the team informed on new events is critical for staging on top of event management. In your Location settings you have the ability to configure users on your team who you want to receive notifications for new orders.

In some cases you may want to specify specific events that specific users should be notified about. We've implemented a new control for Packages which allows you to select specific users that you would like to receive notifications when a new order has been created.

This new control works in addition to your distribution list found in your Location settings. 

Reservation Search by Event Date

Within the Reservation “View All” page, we've added a new search method which will allow you to search for all orders from a specific date. This search allows you to search for previous or upcoming days, and will return confirmed, canceled, and deleted reservations.