Update: AlleyTrak v4.26.0
Posted on 2020-08-16

Payment Gateway Integration Improvements

We've implemented additional adjustments to our Authorize.Net, PayPal, Stripe and Square payment gateway integrations to provide more information to account administrators in the respective administrative panel. We've also improved our error reporting and handling for failed transactions caused by customer interactions or invalid API credentials.

Upcoming AlleyTrak Features

We've been working on a handful of new features in AlleyTrak that we are really excited about and we wanted to mention one of them briefly here. 

Upcoming: Pricing Format: Per Game

We've had feedback from many centers during demos that they would love the ability to charge per game with their reservation system. It's not surprising that many centers operate on a per-game basis, and we've been eager to implement a solution that can support per-game pricing while still taking time into consideration.

Per-game pricing can be tricky because ultimately a reservation is all about time. When customers are viewing your availability online they are looking for a time when they can come party. However per-game pricing is tricky in that if you don't allocate enough time for an event you can easily run into back-to-back reservations or overlaps causing double bookings.

Our strategy for implementing a per-game pricing module is to allow you to set an average time per game variable. We can then take this value and calculate how long a reservation should be based on the number of guests and number of games they would like to play.

Time Per Game: 10 Minutes
Players: 5
Games: 2

We would then calculate the event duration to be ((TimePerGame x Players) x Games)

We then run some conversion calculations to determine what their true reservation duration would be depending on your Time Increments, Minimum Reservation Duration, Lane Count, etc.

In this example, 5 guests playing 2 games would have an estimated event total of 100 minutes. 

If this center operated in 30-minute time increments, the customer would then be required to have a 2-hour reservation.

If the center instead operated in 15-minute time increments, the customer would then be required to have a 1-hour 45-minute reservation.