Update: AlleyTrak v4.4.3
Posted on 2019-06-30

New to AlleyTrak is the Reservation Calendar View and Limit Reservations by Customer controls.

The Reservation Calendar View gives system administrators a quick-look at the number of reservations for any given day. This is a great tool when needing to look forward to the future for large group events that may take up many lanes.

We have future plans for the Reservation Calendar View to further extend the controls and capabilities from within this view, but this current view still provides value for center administrators.

The Limit Reservations by Customer is a new checkout validation which allows a center to restrict customers from booking multiple reservations for the same day. This feature is incredibly useful for centers that may have a premium rate for larger parties. When a sneaky customer tries to get around this by creating multiple reservations for the same day, AlleyTrak will identify the customer by providing customer name, phone number, or email and prevent them from completing the order checkout.

Do note that while this will work to prevent multiple orders from a single customer it is not foolproof. If customers are truly interested in getting around the system they can just enter a unique customer name, phone number and email.