Update: AlleyTrak 4.17.0
Posted on 2020-05-03

Block After for Grid-View

We're extremely excited to add the Block After functionality to the Grid-View system of AlleyTrak. Previously only available in the Form-View system, the Block After function allows for dynamically creating a time break between reservations. This is often requested to allow for time to clean up the lanes between one reservation and another.

To build the Block After function for Grid-View, we had to completely require the API for retrieving confirmed reservations. This updated API provides more information in a more extensible and portable format which will be perfect for integrating with other 3rd party systems in the future.

It is important to note that the Block After function will only prevent back-to-back reservations during the customer and administrative check-out process. It does not add on additional time slots to a reservation. 

In addition, the Block After function will block out one time increment. This means if you are on quarter-hour time increments, a 15-minute “invisible” block after each reservation will be made. On the same note, if your center operates on half-hour time increments, a 30-minute block after each reservation will be made. 

For this reason if you want to use the Block After function, it is often most advantageous to change your time increments to quarter-hour to avoid excess breaks between reservations. 

Note: If you modify your time increments it is important that you also modify your pricing for both your base price 

You can enable the Block After function in the Application Settings of AlleyTrak.

Administration Daily Reservation Report

We've improved the daily reservation report for administrators to be significantly more efficient when running. In addition we've added a new control in the AlleyTrak administrative panel to allow users the ability to request a report of confirmed reservations. When initiated by a user in the administrative panel, the report will send a custom report to that user with a list of confirmed reservations and blocks for the day. 

Order Confirmation Notification Improvements

We've made a few small adjustments to the order confirmation notifications that are sent out to customers at the time of booking a reservation. The updates revolve primarily around the use of definitions and conditional display of data based on AlleyTrak profile settings.

Administrative Checkout Experience Improvements

We've made a few small updates to the administrative checkout experience for more accurately displaying appropriate fields based on location and application settings. Most notably, Party Packages, Concessions, Equipment Rentals and Party Size fields will conditionally display based on both location and application settings.