Update: AlleyTrak v4.9.0
Posted on 2019-10-06

New Require Party Package Option   

The new Require Party Package option is an easy way to enforce that customers select a party package when making a reservation. This option is located in the Location Manager section, and can be enabled or disabled at any time.       


Dynamic Convenience Fees        

Dynamic Convenience Fees is the ability to charge different convenience fees at different times of day, and on different days. Centers can use this as a “Skip the Line” value added service, providing faster check-ins for customers, which can be very convenient for busy times like Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Dynamic convenience fees is managed in the Location section of AlleyTrak, and operates very similar to Dynamic Pricing. Be sure to enable Convenience Fees in the Location Manager to first ensure your customers will be charged a convenience fee at the time of checkout.