Update: AlleyTrak v5.68.0
Posted on 2023-06-18

AlleyTrak version 5.68.0 Introduces Enhancements to Customer Checkout Experience and Staff Assignments to Events

Enhancements to Required Lanes 

We've added a new control which will automatically increase the number of Guests Participating if the customer chooses to purchase additional lanes. This feature is helpful for a number of scenarios, but two common instances include:

  • When you charge per-player. In some instances guests may still want to purchase additional lanes so they can sprawl out as part of their game. With this setting, the customer can choose to purchase an additional lane.

  • When you want to help your customers understand the suggested number of guests their event can accommodate based on the number of lanes they are looking to reserve.

Staff Assignments to Events

We've started to roll out some exciting new features towards event management and staff scheduling. To start we've added the ability to assign a staff member to a reservation. In the next few weeks we will be adding a new calendar system for viewing and managing event availability by staff users. 

Bug Fix: Reminder Emails

We fixed a bug that was impacting the reminder emails. If you had the setting that hides/omits the assigned lanes from the customer, we were previously not displaying some of the event details. This has been modified and is now displaying details as expected.