Update: AlleyTrak v5.51.0
Posted on 2023-01-22

AlleyTrak version 5.51.0 Introduces In-App Refunds, Full-Screen Grid-View, Addons Purchase Date Requirements, Enhancements to Lists/Reporting Views, and a New Transactions Dashboard.

In-App Refunds

We're excited to add the capability to create refunds for payments directly from the AlleyTrak admin panel. This functionality will help simplify administrative processes around order payments.

Currently refunds are only available to be made for payments purchased through Stripe. In the future, we will be looking to add refund capabilities for Square,, and the upcoming CardConnect gateway.

Addons Purchase Date Requirements

We've added a new control to allow you to configure how many days in advance customers must book an event in order to be eligible to purchase Order Addons. This new control will help you avoid any unexpected orders, should that be a concern you have.

By default, addons are available for same-day purchase, but you can modify this setting in your Location settings.

When addons are not eligible for a particular day, we will not show the addons user interface to the customer and they won't have the option to add items to their event.

The Addons Date Requirement does not apply to Package Add-ons and is not enforced for center staff when logged into the AlleyTrak admin panel.

Full-Screen Grid View

We've added a new toggle control which will allow you to expand the reservation grid to full-screen. This will make it easier to review availability and bookings for the center. The full-screen toggle is available in the reservation dashboard.

Enhancements to List/Reporting Views

We've made some display changes to the tables of data throughout the AlleyTrak admin panel. Within each table you now have the ability to modify the number of results per page. With more results per page, this data can be more easily printed. We've also improved the formatting, sorting, and printing for these pages/tables.

New Transactions Dashboard

With the addition of in-app refunds, we wanted to build a new hub for all things transactions. In this new Transactions Dashboard, you can easily view previous transactions, the date and time they were created, the date the transaction was for, and other pertinent information.

From the transactions dashboard, you can also issue refunds on eligible transactions and or completely remove the transaction from the system. 

Currently, only administrator level users have the ability to issue refunds. We may expand this functionality to other user groups pending user feedback.