Update: AlleyTrak v5.53.0
Posted on 2023-02-05

AlleyTrak version 5.53.0 Introduces Lane Assignments Based on Event Type, Per-Lane Convenience Fees, a New Booking Questions Reporting Dashboard, and In-App Refunds for Authorize.Net

Lane Assignments Based on Event Type

We're excited to add new functionality which allows you to specify specific lanes that can be used for different event types. This new control will provide you the ability to break up your lanes within your facility for different types of events.

Per-Lane Convenience Fees

We've extended the options for how we calculate Convenience Fees to now offer a “Per-Lane” rate. In addition to the “Flat Rate” or “Percentage” rates, the Per-Lane convenience fee simply charges the convenience fee rate multiplied by the number of lanes reserved by the customer.

The Convenience Fee settings are managed in the Location Settings.

New Booking Questions Reporting Dashboard

We've added a new Booking Questions reporting in the Reporting Dashboard. This new report features some powerful filter capabilities so you can narrow down the results based on the data you're looking for. By clicking the “Filter & View Results” button at the top-right of the page, you can click to pick specific events, and questions that you want to hide/show within this report.

Tip: You can easily copy and paste this report data into your favorite spreadsheet tool like Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel!

In-App Refunds for Authorize.Net

We've reworked our Authorize.Net payment gateway integration and are so excited to add the ability to issue refunds for payments/transactions made through Authorize.Net. With this change, your administrative users will have the ability to view transactions through the Transactions Dashboard, and void/refund the transaction directly in AlleyTrak.