Update: AlleyTrak v5.18.0
Posted on 2021-12-05

Blocks Limited to Customers

Reservation Blocks are an incredibly powerful tool to help you manage your facility. The most common use case for reservation blocks is for recurring events like leagues. With a one-time setup, you can easily manage lane availability for your upcoming league event.

We also see centers using blocks in interesting ways. Another example use case is to limit how many lanes you offer for online reservations. For example, if you managed a 36 lane center you might only want to offer 12 lanes for online reservations, while keeping the other remaining 24 lanes set aside for larger events and walk-ins.

Previously you would manage this in a similar method. You would create a reservation block for the 24 lanes you want to prevent your customers from booking online and within the AlleyTrak admin panel you would have the option to do a “Block Override” which would allow you to create events in the blocked out lanes. 

In version 5.18 we're introducing a new method to help simplify this internal management. You can now configure reservation blocks to either apply for both customers and administrators, or only apply for customers. This should allow for use-cases where you want to restrict customer booking potential, while keeping the administration of the rest of the facility as easy as possible.