Update: AlleyTrak v1.0.11
Posted on 2017-04-25

AlleyTrak version 1.0.11 launches today (April 25th 2017) and includes an update to our documentation section, partial reservation manager, reservation quick-view and launched the beta version of our double book prevention and monitor tool.

New Double Book Prevention and Monitor Tool

We've identified and fixed a bug allowing for reservations to be booked during a time when a lane was already reserved. This occurred when an administrator was editing a reservation and ultimately changed the date or location.

As an extra form of security and to help prevent and monitor double bookings in the future, we've created a routine that runs in the background of AlleyTrak to identify if there are ever instances where a double booked lane has occurred. Should it ever happen again our team will contact you to resolve the problem as soon as it becomes noted.

Updated Documentation

We've created a step-by-step guide for setting up your PayPal API key so that you can accept payments using the AlleyTrak software. The guide includes several images for reference. If you are looking for assistance please reach out to us at

Updated Partial Reservations

We've updated the way partial reservations are created and managed. Part of the modifications we've made will work to eliminate the display of multiple partial reservations from the same user.

Reservation Quick-View

We've added “party size” to the reservation quick-view.