Update: AlleyTrak v5.99.0
Posted on 2024-04-14

AlleyTrak version 5.99.0 Includes Customer Checkout Experience Enhancements and White-Label Enhancements

Customer Checkout Experience

We've added new logic to the customer checkout experience to pre-select the next available open date. In instances where your center may be closed for specific days of the week, AlleyTrak will identify those days and search for the next date where the facility is defined as open. This should help streamline the customer checkout process.

White-Label Enhancements

We've updated our White-Label service to also now remove AlleyTrak branding information from the page title.

Bug Fixes

  1. We've fixed a bug with our Google Calendar integration where specific characters were not URL encoded correctly. 

  2. We've fixed a bug that was impacting packages that charged a “Base Rate for x Guests”, that allowed for additional time purchases and the add-on charge for guests was not applying for the additional add-on time.

  3. We've fixed a bug that was impacting the pre-pay and remaining balance workflows, where they would occasionally display an unintended error for the customer.