Update: AlleyTrak v5.35.0
Posted on 2022-09-04

AlleyTrak version 5.35.0 Introduces Custom Booking Questions

Booking Questions:
Booking Questions is an exciting new way to customize the booking experience for your customers. With Booking Questions you can define any number of questions for your customers to answer as part of the booking process.

How to Ask:
Determine if you want to ask the question once per party, or once per guest. 

Input Types:
With six different input types, you can define a large variety of questions. Current input types include a text field, long text area, number, date, phone number, and shoe size.

Validation Rules:
Validation rules allow you to determine if the customer will be required to answer the question. In addition you can define minimum and maximum value requirements for each input.

When to Ask:
Determine what events each question should be asked for. Here you can pick between all events, open play bookings, and any package events that you offer.